Show me your projects graveyard!

Some of us might have come across very crazy ideas throughout our programming career. when I started my programming career, I didn't know open source and benefits of it back then. I didn't know the best practices and SDLC etc. I have written some shit code to get the things done. I don't even have source code for some of those projects now.I wanted to develop some of these things just to learn even if some opensource version available out there. still I am doing this. but still those projects remind me about my progress from a newbie to senior software developer at Freshworks.

Thumb rule: No one should be using your projects now including you.


For those who don't know what flames check out this link. I developed a GUI application using java and I had two input boxes and a button. fairly simple application. but it took me a day to build back then. In that simple application also, I faced the null pointer exception for some inputs. I didn't bother to fix it as it worked very well for my name and all of my crush's name. my job is done.

Tools used: Java, netbeans


A simple Java GUI application. I got some wired errors due to integer overflow. I didn't know how to solve it, thus my application input was limited to Long.MAX_VALUE. I could have used BigInt to support some really big numbers. But I was limited by the technology of my time (complete reference java :P).

Tools used: Java, eclipse

Syllabus app

My first widely used android app by my college friends. An app containing all my college syllabus. It had tab view and dropdown view and lots of text views. I didn't know about DB and content management system when I developed this app. So I hardcoded all data into android layouts (every subject, every semester had a xml layout). that's shit lots of work. But I got lots of positive reviews. I released my app on Facebook as I didn't have a play store account at that time. It is deeply buried in FB feed. you can search for it if you're bored.

Tools used: Java, eclipse with ADT plugin


An app to play tic-tac-toe over bluetooth.I did complete testing with lots of phones. surprisingly it worked very well in most of the phone. I released this app also in FB. I changed my email, username everything to Gokuldroid because of craze I had on android.

Tools used: Java, eclipse with ADT plugin

Kurukshetra app

I developed this app for my college tech fest. My first app to reach 2k downloads in play store (P.S: Not my account).

Tools used: Java, Android studio beta

The Hindu news reader

My first app to use a backend system. I built using the RSS feed of the Hindu newspaper website.

Tools used: Java, Android studio beta

Secure bay

Phone lock screen app that captures the face using the front camera if you enter the password wrongly. I wanted to use pattern unlock but I didn't know how to develop a gesture-based app. source code can be found here.

Tools used: Java, Android studio beta

Vision website

I developed this site after watching lots of tutorials on youtube and reading lots of books about PHP, angular js (very old version). It is not a responsive one. it will break if you view in mobile phone. I purchased a Godaddy account with the fund I got from my college. I also used Godaddy account's ssh access as socks proxy to bypass my college wifi restrictions.source code can be found here.

Tools used: PHP, angular js, sublime

Gola: static site generator

I wanted to experiment on a node js project. this is the result of it.source code can be found here.

Tools used: Javascript, nodejs, handlebars, express

Some shit cli tools



Tools used: Typescript, node js

Easy google play

A Gradle plugin to publish app. source code can be found here.

Tools used: Kotlin


DSL builder to generate XML entries. source code can be found here.

Tools used: Kotlin

Grunner - A vscode extension

source code can be found here.

Tools used: Typescript

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