Swipe up the bottom bar to open controls option

VLC controls
  • Current song/video name will be shown on top.
  • Audio lets you to sync audio with video.long press on audio to reset it.
  • Subtitle lets you sync subtitle with video.long press on subtitle to reset it.
  • Playback lets you to control playback speed of the video.long press on playback to reset the speed.
  • Volume slider increase/decrease volume. you can use phone's volume button also to control volume.
  • fullscreen toggle full screen.
  • image_aspect_ratio change aspect ratio.
  • message select subtitle. If the subtitle name is same as the media file name it will be selected automatically. otherwise select the subtitle using Browse PC option.
  • image take screen shot.
  • speaker_group cycle through audio devices.
  • fast_rewind rewind.
  • stop stop playback.
  • fast_forward fast forward.
  • audiotrack cycle through audio track.
  • shuffle change shuffle mode.
  • repeat change repeat mode.