Windows setup


Download android app from here

Download VLC media player from here


Make sure your phone and computer (or laptop) connected to same WiFi network or your computer (or laptop) connected to phone's hotspot

Step 1:

click tools (1) and then click preferences (2).

first step

Step 2:

click on interface (3) and then click on All radio button at the bottom (4).

second step

Step 3:

click on main interfaces (5) and check the web tick mark (6).

second step

Step 4:

click on Lua (7) and the set some password, say 1234 (9) and note down the password. we will use this password later.

second step

Step 5:

Save and restart VLC and play any video/audio in that.

Step 6:

second step

  1. Computer name: give some name for your PC.
  2. IP Address: mostly it will detect automatically.
  3. Port: default is 8080. don't change it unless you have changed while installing VLC.
  4. Password: enter the password that you have given in step 4 and click on connect.
  5. If you can't connect, try entering IP address manually and click on connect. To find IP address, follow the instructions here.

If you have configured the app successfully, please read the tips and tricks.